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Newbie Html5 Question

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Hello I have some questions on setting up a HTML5 Ad.


So I have the html file, three img files, and one css file. I have copy and pasted the html into a Generic HTML Banner type in Revive and that works fine.


To get it to display the three images and styling though what do i need to do?


Is there a way to upload the four remaining files in Revive and tie it all together in the system?


Or do I upload the four remaining asset files to anywhere on the Revive server, and then edit the HTML to point to those locations where files live on the Revive server?


Thank you so much for your help!


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Once you place the required image and ccs files in revive adserver  folder and point out these path to your html creative, then it will work fine. Have to place the files in below formats.



ads/www/admin/ assets/image

ads/www/admin/ assets/css

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