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Refreshing Async Banners

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As a radio station, we have abided by the IAB long view video standard for years which states we that babber refreshes are appropriate, as users are on site for long periods of time.


Traditionally we have used iframes and refreshed our ads, either thru the Iframe refresh or thru a javascript refresh or meta tag refresh.


When we try to refesh the async code, it's not in a frame so it displays the upper left hand corner of our website (instead of the banner), in the (example) 160x600 banner area.


I set an external file with a similiar script to what I have in the campaign on our Revive Adserver, but when it refreshes to itself, the banner moves to the right and down slightly if it's from a third party banner company.


How do I refresh a banner using async and get it stay in the same position on the page?


Example: the 160x600 at http://www.3wk.com, it displays the ad, but then when it refreshes, it moves on the page slightly.


I don't know if I'm describing this well. 


Frustrated as it looks unprofessional to have the banner move on the page.




Thank you so much.


Jim Atkinson

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I took down the test, but still would like to change to async banners that refresh instead of using banners in iframes.


The banner companies say the non-iframe banner are easier for their servers to "see".


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.




Jim Atkinson

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