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Auto Scroll (Rotate Horizontally) And Change Banner Without Reloading The Page

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Hi Team,


I am using revive Ad Server and want to rotate banner without reloading page. I am using invocation code with javascript tag currently , i read documentation as well but didn't get appropriate solution, so please help me.


I also saw , there is a paid plugin available for the same

URL: http://www.reviveadservermod.com/banner-rotation-without-reloading-page


Please correct me above URL is correct ?i am very much scared .

Is there any code snipet available to achieve this shortly.







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The only zone tag that's native to Revive Adserver that can refresh the banner without the page reloading is an iFrame tag:


As you say, there may be plugins around for Revive Adserver that will add this capability, but I can't comment on the utility of them - caveat emptor!

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