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Simple Responsive Ads

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26 minutes ago, isabella said:

The parent div (.container) of the ad has fixed width but the image cannot be specified to have percentages. Do you mean to apply percentage to all images in css on my webpage instead of revive dashboard( img{ width:100%;height:auto;})? That would work but then the css would apply to all images on my website. You gave me an idea to give attribute to ad on revive alt="resp" and than select on css img[alt=resp]{width:100%;height:auto} on my webpage... hum... that would work. 




No...  I meant in your coding from the screenshot with the container. ;-) 

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On 1/21/2016 at 9:19 PM, andrewatfornax said:

* Set up a *x* sized zone, and use an HTML banner that's responsive of its own right.

Can you please elaborate on what we have to do to create the correct "vessel" for said "HTML banner that's responsive of its own right" in Revive? Because when we tried the method you outlined above, Revive rendered our responsive banner (i.e. it scaled dynamically with the width of its parent element) statically (i.e. with the fixed width/height values that we were forced to enter during the creation of "HTML5 Banners" and "Generic HTML Banners" in Revive), meaning that it didn't scale when the viewport width became lower than its max-width.

We tested this both on our CMS and otherwise emtpy HTML files to make sure that it's not our CMS template that's preventing the responsiveness.

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