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Using Ssl = No Banners Shown


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I am not sure if this is a bug issue or a strange anomaly that can't be fixed with this version.


We just upgraded to the latest version of Revive... once completing the upgrade we noticed that the banners are now not shown on any web page that contains an https:// connection... even though we have verified the https:// pathway requirement to the invocation code snippet. 


If we change the code to only require an http:// connection and show the invocation code on an http:// page, it shows and records the impression as expected.


Is anyone else experiencing this strange behavior after upgrading?

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Thank you for your replies.


I have searched all files in an attempt to rectify the issue, but I have not located any obvious errors, nor do I receive any errors within the log file.


The ads do appear on a non-SSL connection, but blank on any SSL page.


You stated that I should check and verify the https:// settings within the config file settings. I see URL paths starting with the domain name/folder name/ paths. If I append the https:// to the URL path, it errors the entire script (as I expect it would). 





I do see these SSL settings in the config file, and they appear to be correct: (assuming 1 = true)

I see no other config files located in any folders that offer any further SSL changes or URL path adjustments.
Am I missing something?
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