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Blocking Any Campaign Or Banner By Id


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Hello together,


we are using revive-adserver with small changes. Normally we are able to block any banner or zone manually by putting the following code in banner level in comments field:


as example:

<?xml version='1.0'?>
of course the delivery files altered and will take this information and blocking the appropriate banners. This function programmed early by another it supporter. 
Now we will use async loading and my question would be first, if there is such a function or possibility in revive-adserver. If yes, I would prefer to use the property, if not I will try to alter the async delivery files, to be able to block any banner or any zone by the banner.
I just think, that the revive-adserver should support such a function, as sometimes customers doesnt want to have another banner on the page or we must implement the customers banners in different campaigns.
I would appreciate any help. If you wish I can even send you altered spc.php and spcjs.php files.
Thanks a lot for any answer.
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Yes, from memory, you can do this with a site variable.


Should be documented here:




but is not at the time of posting :-)


But in short, give each banner a keyword or something that will prevent it from delivering, and then pass in that site variable whenever you want to block that banner.

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thanks for your answer. But my question is more, that a banner or campaign should block other campaign or banner by campaign id or banner id. It needs to be done dynamically. For example we have Campaign 1 with ID = 1 And Campaign 2 with ID =2


Campaign 1 has 2 Banners Bannerid = 11 Bannerid = 12

Campaign 2 has 2 Banners Bannerid = 21 Bannerid = 22


it is possible during delivery of Campaign 1 blocking Campaign 2 or blocking any banner of campaign 2. Or even could we block by delivering the banners from campaign 1 the banners from campaign 2?


Thanks for answer.


Best Regards,

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Hi @Devrim,

Yes, I think this should be possible - my understanding of the delivery "context" is that you can specify things like excluding a certain campaign ID, so that all banners from the campaign will be excluded. So, that way, if you wanted only banners from Campaign 1 to display, then this could be done.

But I am not sure that there's anything built into Revive Adserver to do this. I think the only built in options are "If delivery of the banner is from Campaign 1, then only show banners from the same campaign again on this page" or, "If delivery of the banner is from Campaign 1, then never show banners from the same campaign again on this page".

I don't think there's anything to do "If delivery of the banner is from Campaign 1, then now exclude this list of other campaigns."

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