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Upgrading To 3.2.1 Causing Issues.


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Hi All,


I am using version 3.2.0 and it  works perfect for my websites.


Yesterday I wanted to upgrade to 3.2.1 version.

I performed all the steps mentioned in the upgrade documentation.

Everything during upgrade process was going fine until the page came for confirmation of recent directory of revive adserver.

The document mentioned that the text field there will be autofilled by the version directory, but it was empty. I tried by entering Server, /Server and domain/Server but it did not work and the upgradation was complete without any plugins installed.


So, in my 3.2.1 , there weer problems like no text ads, no invocation codes, etc.


My questions are:


1) Because my 3.2.0 version is working perfect for me, is it mandatory to upgrade? Will it cause any problem if I donot upgrade? Because I want to go on with 3.2.0 version.


2) Any solution to the problem with upgrading?


Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!

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if we assume that you put the old files under backup320 folder. Put all old files in that folder and copy the new files to server's root folder and copy the configuration file (which is in var path) to the same place from old servcer files. 


For the part you are having problem:


you should fill the complete path on the server, and it is not http://... path, instead it should look like such : /usr/www/users/public_html/adserver/backup320


if you do it in right way, everything should work without any problems. 

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