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Wordpress Single Page Call Code


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I can't for the life of me get the Singe Page Call code to work on 2 different WordPress installations. The OA_show function doesn't seem to do anything.

I'm putting the head javascript in my header.php and the ad codes in widgets. Any ideas?



Edit: i'm still having this issue

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 That's a good start, at this point at least it looks very likely that the problem is *therefore* in the WordPress set up, and (as I'm sure someone else will very soon point out), this is a Revive support forum... Having said that, I'd suggest experimenting with various *tiny* snippets of HTML, PHP and javascript, until you can identify which bit is "not working". I know this is probably not the fix/suggestion you were probably hoping for...

Hi I've sent you links to a default WordPress install with a text widget and an HTML page.


HTML works.

WordPress no display.


Thanks for you help.

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I guess making a minor tweak to their software to be compatible with the most popular open source content management system on the planet is not a concern.

Not only do i have to wait months for a reply, I get warned for suggesting improvements. Here i thought i was doing a favor by pointing it out and helping troubleshoot it. Shame on me.

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Hi Evolve,

Sorry you've had to wait a while for a reply, but a common theme I often point out is that no-one is (at this stage!) paid anything to offer support here on the forums. I (like the other core members of the team, as well as some dedicated community members) do my best to help out when I can - but sometimes life gets in the way, and I've really just been very busy with work and other personal life things the last couple of months, and simply haven't had time to check out what's going on here on the forums.

That's not the ideal situation for you and everyone else that uses Revive Adserver, I know - but just for the time being, I'm afraid that's the best I can offer.

I've taken a look at the two test sites you send to me via private message. I can see that the SPC tags works in the plain HTML document. I can also see that there are no banners showing in the Wordpress site.

However, I also notice that the plain HTML document is loading a single banner for zone ID 24. But zone ID 24 is not one of the zones that you then try to include on the Wordpress site. 

If I copy your HTML document locally, I can load up zone ID 24 just fine as well from there. If I then change the tag to, for example, zone ID 20 - which is one of the zones that you try to include on your Wordpress site - then I don't get anything loading!

If I then dig into the actual response that comes back from your server from the header script, it looks to me like zone ID 24 is the only zone that's linked to the website you've included the SPC tag in the header for.

So, it doesn't look (at this stage) to me like it's a Wordpress issue - more of an issue of trying to display zones that are not in the website the SPC tag was created for...

Does this help at all? 

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This helps thanks.

I can't remember exactly the circumstances of what lead me determining it wasn't working. I had a tried a myriad of combinations trying to get ads to display but I think my confusion had a lot to do with ads intermittently displaying due to having extremely low probably. The initial low probability situation was the most confusing aspect of the system. I have since started using remnant ads.

I'll let you know if I experience anymore issues related to this setup.


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I'd just like to interject here that I have Revive pointing asynchronous ads at many different websites, including phpFox and WordPress sites. No problems and much kudos to the team who build and maintain this excellent software.

as a footnote, I did have a red-herring issue with the asynchronous delivery when my DNS was not working as it should. When the DNS was fixed, Revive delivered the asynchronous ads just fine. Just FYI and HTH.

Edited by Richard Foley
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