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Limitations And Experiences

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I'm about to install Revive on a VPS and test it out and get a feel for how it works. Over the past 15 years I've used the following ad platforms:

  • DFP
  • AdTech/Helios
  • Microsoft
  • Falk/AG
  • Wrote my own ad server

My main concern has been being able to serve ads dynamically in emails. We forced DFP into working until recently, when it totally quit. AdTech did this OK, for 24 hours of clickthru life anyway and we had mixed success with Microsoft and Falk. We're at the point of going back to writing our own ad server or using Revive. 


Can anyone shed some light on how Revive works with dynamic ad serving, especially in emails?


Does it support a sponsorship model?


Are there any other general considerations or pitfalls that are common that I might not find in the FAQ's?  


Any help would be greatly appreciated. 



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