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I'm looking to do something like this:

On my site I have 3 advertisers (and I want to add more, so it can't be hardcoded by weight):
A: with a campaign $100 CPM
B: with a campaign $50 CPM
C: With a campaign $200 CPM.
I'd like to see a lot of ads from C, then A and less of B. 
Is that possible with Revive AdServer without using weights? How should I set the Rate / Price and Impressions for each campaign?
Best regards
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Hi spartan,

There is an eCPM prioritisation option in Revive Adserver, but I have to confess I don't know much about it or how well it works (as a result of an interesting history with the product).

The question that I would like you to think about is this: You say you want to see a lot of ads from C, then some from A, and less of B. But how many ads from C? And how many of A? And how little of B?

You could for example just set up C as an Override campaign - and ONLY show banners from C. That would technically meet your requirements, but is not, I suspect, what you really want!

How would you define what your actual delivery requirements are? 

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