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Revive Adserver Underperforming / Underdelivering Ads

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Just upgraded from openx to revive ad server and since the upgrade the ads have been severely underperforming. 


Originally we were on openx 2.8 and I had someone fix a similiar problem years ago. 


Here's an example of the daily impressions from one ad campaign:









500 today to so far.


In order to serve all the ads, we need to be serving the 16,000 per day, not 1500.  Any ideas on how to correct the targetting?

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Can you provide more details on how the campaign is set up, what it's linked to, what kind of limitations are in place, etc?


Seeing the numbers go down like that makes me think that Revive Adserver is desperately and continuously scaling back the priority of the campaign because it thinks that the campaign is going to over deliver - so I have a feeling it's perhaps not set up to deliver how you want it?

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Thanks Andrew.


I think we have this resolved.  It wasn't the campaign, it was the result of the upgrade - the upgrade was the only change. 


Here's what we did in the meantime:

- deleted all our old campaigns.  I suspect this is what the problem was.  We had campaigns going back years that were completed but still in the database. 

- re-ran the maintenance schedule.

- in the control panel ran all the maintentance scripts.


And very shortly thereafter it seemed to get back on track.  Thanks again for your input.

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