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Settings Key Configuration During Plugin Installation?

Richard Foley

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I'm looking for a way to make an external call during plugin installation/setup which *includes* processing a user prompt response. What I have so far is a javascript dialogue box prompt to the user, (which is fine). The problem I have is getting that value back to the plugin installation process (within the php preinstallscript), so that the value can be inserted into the configuration settings file.


Like this during install: user prompt -> value -> plugin_settings_config.


Perhaps I'm making this more complicated than it needs to be, but it seems to me an awkward handover, between client and server, and perhaps someone has already solved this before me. Maybe there's an obvious and easy hook which I am missing? Any helpful suggestions as to how to go about this appreciated.



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Plugin installation / upgrade has been designed to be run unattended. I'm not really sure it would be wise to add a hook for what you have in mind.


What I did with a plugin that requires some action is adding a warning on the left bar to tell the admin user that some additional configuration is required, e.g.




Feel free to have a look: https://github.com/adserverplugins/apLoader/blob/master/www/admin/plugins/apLoader/apLoader.class.php#L37

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