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Ad Types & Innvocation Code Not Showing After Install

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I've just installed Revive to replace an aging version of OpenX.  After setting up some zones and campaigns, I've encountered two problems.


Firstly, adding banners to a campaign, half of the banner types are missing (e.g. no text, no HTML).  I've switched to the administrator account and checked Configuration > Banner Storage Settings.  All types are checked under Allowed Banner Types.  But when I return to add banners, I can't see the matching types.


Secondly, clicking the Invocation Code option next to any of the zones I've set up, takes me to the Invocation Code tab for that zone, but the "Please choose the type of banner invocation" list is completely empty.


Have I missed something with the install?



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Please help! Newbie here.


I have successfully installed Revive Ad. Created a Advertiser, campaign along with a website and zone. However upon applying it on a wordpress and blogger site, the ad section returned blank.
I have updated and put it on a pure html page in a subdirectory of another domain but the html page returns blank with only a <h1>...</h1> section showing.


What could I be doing wrong? Can't seem to find anyone experiencing the same in the world!

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