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City/dma Geotargeting No Longer Working.

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I've been using the Maxmind City and Country Lite databases for a few years now to do geotargetting.  I regularly update the databases.


However, I'm suddenly unable to target by City or DMA.  Targeting by Country is still in the delivery limitations list, but targeting by City and Metro no longer appear in the drop down box.  I checked again to make sure all paths are correct, redownloaded the databases, set permissions to 777, ran the diagnostics on the plugin, and updated to the latest version of Revive 3.20 but nothing works.


I do not have the box checked to show delivery limitations even if GeoIP data is unavailable because I need to make sure it's actually working.


Any ideas what's going on?

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We've noticed the same thing in some cases. The May 2015 update of the city data file made by MaxMind appears to be defective. We reverted to the April 2015 data file and all was fine again.


We tried contacting MaxMind about it, but they claim the data file is OK (even though there is strong evidence it is not). Hopefully the June update will fix things again.

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