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How To Fix The Display Of My Ads ?

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First congratulations for this great soft !


On my website, i have a campaign with a zone and 3 banners.


Please could you tell me how to fix the display of these banners according to a specific sequence ? They appear randomly (lol) !


I didn't find the solution in the documentation (http://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Delivery+options ...).


Thanks a lot  :)

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Revive does so much more than that.


However, it sounds like you want a "banner rotator" software. As as I understand it, Revive will not do this "out of the box", but you can apparently set up an iframe to use Revive to do something similar, if you really must...


Also, the title of this forum post is very misleading.

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Thanks a lot for your answers !


Indeed, i thought that it was possible to use this great software as a "banner rotator" software... I am extremely surprised and disappointed that it is not possible to set a specific sequence of banners:-(


Thanks again anyway.

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