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Banner With 100% Probability Doesn't Render

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I have a zone in single banner in it with 100% probability. Despite this the banner doesn't show. I have seen this behavior in previous version as well, but it was pretty random.

I already tried all the obvious - clear cache, recalculate all the probabilities, checked campaign and banner setting...

Has anyone seen this issue on their Revive instance? Do you have any more tips for debugging/trying to find out why the banner is NOT being served when it SHOULD be?


PS: I already raised an issue on the GitHub, but this needs to be confirmed as a bug: https://github.com/revive-adserver/revive-adserver/issues/569



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I believe zero in those fields DOES mean unlimited. At least it always used to be the case and these are also the default values. I tried to change the values to "-" (similar to "Impressions"), but they revert to zero when saving. I tried to set both values to 1000, but it is still not showing the banner.

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