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Click Discrepancies


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Hey Guys,


We're noticing a big discrepancy between the clicks recorded in Revive. For example we have a campaign which has been running since May 10th and has recorded clicks in Revive of 6,136, but the client is recording only 1200 clicks via the tracking URL (in Google Analytics). 


I understand Google Analytics often records clicks differently, but the margin of error seems huge. 


So to check the clicks in Revive were accurate I created a bit.ly tracking link and used this on one of the banners. Today the bit.ly link has recorded 25 clicks, but Revive is recording over 150 clicks. 


Can anyone shed some light on what might be causing these discrepancies in Revive?


Any assistance would be much appreciated. 






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Hey Erik,


Just to clarify - we are using a click tracking URL which is being recorded in Google Analytics which shows how many time that URL was called. So in this example Google Analytics lshould be recording the banners click fairly accurately

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