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Contract Campaigns W/priority Set (1) Are Not Displaying

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We have moved from Openx to Revive.


Some of our campaigns we have set to use "Contract" type and in the campaigns table their priority is set to "1" with a target_impression value set (e.g. 220)


However, when priority is set to "1" - their banners will not display.


We use direct selection xmlrpc using keywords to request the banners:


e.g. "default,_BImpactMedRec|default,_PADPremMedRec|default,_FullStory"


The banners will display if priority is set to "0" - but of course that defeats the purpose of limiting their daily views of a Contract Campaign.


Our campaigns are not 'linked' to a zone - since we don't use zones - only direct selection w/keywords.


Is there something we're missing? Do they need to be linked to a zone even though we don't use zones?


What appears to be happening - is the AdServer 'thinks' there is an appropriate campaign/banner - goes to get it - but does not return the banner. No other banner is displayed even if one of the keyword requests is not a Contract campaign.


e.g. default,_BImpactMedRec (is Contract Campaign - priority=1) | default,_FullStory (is Remnant Campaign - priority=0)


Any information that would help us troubleshoot this would be appreciated.



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You say "priority", but then talk about not waiting a "priority" of zero, because that defeats the purpose of limiting daily views.


So, I suspect you're actually talking about capping limitations, not priority?


Either way, though - if you're using direct selection for banners, then the whole concept of priorities and/or limits is completely irrelevant, unfortunately. If you ask for a specific banner, you get that specific banner. If you ask for banners of a given keyword, you get a banner.


I don't think direct selection pays any attention to things like priorities and limitations.... Or, perhaps it just causes DS to fail when they are set up.


DS wasn't really built to work for these kinds of things, from memory - and almost certainly hasn't been well maintained. 


We pretty much feel here at Revive Adserver that we don't want to document DS, and that we'll eventually deprecate the functionality...


Doing it through zones is the preferred way.

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Thank you for your response.


I think you mis-understood my question - but it's ok, we've had to create a work-around for it.


As for Revive depreciating DS ... please make sure if you do, to make that a big 'This update will depreciate DS' ... in your things that will happen if we update notice.


We will not be able to to update Revive if you do depreciate DS. It's the only way we can display the ad types for our site. We have very complex ad delivery rules and zones will not work for our application. (we have tried every way - and even had some 'Expert' paid assistance to review it. They have agreed - zones won't work for us)


Please don't retire it.



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