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Demographic-Based Delivery Options


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Hi There,


It seems like more and more ad servers are integrating demographic-based information into their targeting criteria.  Info such as age or gender that is either pre-determined based on some sort of historical cookie or passed directly from the publisher based on site registration information.


Has Revive considered introducing demographic criteria into their delivery options?


I have no idea what this would entail from a techinical standpoint so it's just a starting point for the discussion.


I know I have a client who is very interested in this ability and I agree it could be a valuable piece of functionality.



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One way to achieve this would be the use of the TargetiX Retargeting plugin for Revive Adserver. More information can be found here:



Full disclosure: this plugin was developed by my company in close collaboration with fellow Revive Adserver team member Matteo Beccati. We've built in in 2009 on request of a customer and have been selling it as licensed software since that year.

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Sorry to hear the plugin Erik mentions is out of your price range. 


It would be great if we could extend core Revive Adserver functionality to more cases, but as an open source project, there's only so much we can do without community support.


We're working really hard on documentation right now, and as part of that, I'd like to get more developer documentation up - perhaps one day that will help the community to bring features like (or others) this into core.





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