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Recently our ad server has been injected/hacked quite a few times. So we did upgrade to the latest 3.1.


I was wondering what are base plugins that is stock (minimum essential for basic operations as we don't do fancy stuff):


This is what I got so far:


openXVideoAds 1.8.7
openXWorkflow 0.0.3
openXMarket 1.9.1-RC5
openXDeliveryLog 1.0.10
openXInvocationTags 1.0.9
openXMaxMindGeoIP 1.0.5
openXDeliveryCacheStore 1.0.6
openXReports 1.2
openX3rdPartyServers 1.0.10
openXDeliveryLimitations 1.0.15
openXBannerTypes 1.0.1
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