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Less Impressions Than Openx

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I have an override campaign, with one banner, no delivery capping,unlimited impressions and no expire date, served in the same page with an openx campaign ( geotargeted which means it will have fewer impressions than the other ).

For the May 3rd here is the stats from both banners and my daily analytics.


Revive ad server : 2763 impressions

Openx : 4054 impressions

Google analytics: 2570 unique, 3176 sessions, 11398 pageviews


As you can see the difference is big and I can't understand why this is happening. I tested my page many times and the banner always loads, even after 100 refreshes.


I have revive ad server 3.1.0 installed.

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Most likely explanation: Your OpenX installation is on faster hardware than your Revive Adserver installation. As a result, your OpenX served banners appear quickly, and the impressions are therefore more likely to be logged; your Revive Adserver banners are served more slowly, and users are more likely to navigate away from the page before they have loaded, and so there are fewer impressions logged. 

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