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You Don't Have Access To That Page. You Have Been Re-Directed.

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We've been using Revive Adserver for quite some time and have recently been running in some issues which makes it unusable.


We're no longer able to add new advertisers, campaigns, or banners. We get redirected to advertiser-index.php every time with the following message: "You don't have access to that page. You have been re-directed."


We've tried adding new users but run into the same issues.


We've tried installing a clean version of revive adserver in a different folder using an empty database. In addition to the previous issues, we're now unable to add a new website, zone, etc. We get the same message: "You don't have access to that page. You have been re-directed."


We're using Cloudflare and other caching scripts however they're both turned off for the adserver.


Any help would greatly be appreciated.



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If we modify /www/admin/banner-edit.php by commenting out the last line, it works fine.



OA_Permission::enforceAccessToObject('clients',   $clientid);
OA_Permission::enforceAccessToObject('campaigns', $campaignid);

if (OA_Permission::isAccount(OA_ACCOUNT_ADVERTISER)) {
    OA_Permission::enforceAccessToObject('banners', $bannerid);
} else {
    // OA_Permission::enforceAccessToObject('banners', $bannerid, true);

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I'd start by taking a look at the underlying system - perhaps a database corruption issue, disk full, recently applied server updates, or something like that? 


Sounds very strange for even a completely clean install in a brand new database to have that kind of an issue. Certainly not something I have seen, which makes me suspect an environmental change on the host.



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