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I'm trying to work out the user account structure and am getting a little frustrated with the lack of documentation.


I want to host my own adserver where my clients can all log in to the same instance of Revive and access only their own websites / inventory and advertisers. I'm sure this is possible (and probably quite simple) but after 30 mins of jumping around in Revive and hours of scouring Google I can't work it out.


Can someone give me a quick rundown on how the various user / accounts work or point me to some more detailed documentation.


Many thanks,



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I am doing the same thing. What you need is to


- login as administrator

- go to inventory.> Account management

Under actions you will be able to create new accounts. Each account will be for a client/company.

After that you need to click onthe name off the account and go to the Account Properties page 

Click on User access

add any number of users you need


Adding the permissions you want them to have.



Let me know if you have any problems. 



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