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Thank You Revive!


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I'm in the middle of getting ready to update the main hub site of the Cybatrons Free Network, and we have the old 2810 of OpenX. It's not something we have to fool around with much, but I wanted to find out if anything had been updated since it's installation. Tonight I went to the OpenX site and WOW what a mess! HIt Google search and found this site and the news of Revive. I am so relieved to find out someone has taken over this project and is doing something with it.


As you can imagine, being a free network, the CFN has to watch every penny to continue offering free-for-use forums and chats services through it's member sites. So free software is a must for it's basic survival. We simply can't afford to use pay services.


We started using adverts in select areas to help support the free-for-use services, but we also carefully screen all adverts for safety and content. So we need a lot of control. Something not all programs offer, including some of the pay versions. We don't even use Google Ads. They don't screen well enough in our opinion.


This program gives us the control we need. The ease of use, and a price tag we can actually afford.


Thank you so much for not letting it go the way of so many other free programs we've seen over the years.


On a personal note, when something needs updating or changing on the CFN, I'm usually the one who ends up doing it, and believe me when I say I'm not 'that' code savvy. I try to find programs that will pretty much run themselves. If I didn't, I'd never get anything finished. It's such a relief for me to not have to go look for something new and go through the entire learning process all over again.


Especially from me personally.....Thank you so very much!



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