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Hacked Openx / Adserver With Fake Google Ads


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My revive adserver 3.1 was hacked last week (in fact the malicious file was on my server for a few months - I think it exploited an old security breach in a former open x version, to send a plugin.php file in my images folder)

I deleted this file and changed all my codes. Everything seems OK now.

The hacker used my server during a few hours, to publish his own Google Ads on my website ! very clever ;-)

I ve noted his Google adsense account number.

Do you think I have to indicate it to Google ? (or it's a lost cause)

If yes, where Can I do it ? (it s nearly impossible to find a contact form in Google help website !)

Thanks per advance.

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Maybe, I wasn t very clear...


I just made an upgrade from openx to revive adserver 3.1 at the beginning of march.

Last week, I had some Google ads that were published and which weren't from my Google account.

So I checked, the revive adsever back office, and indeed some banners were published, and I wasn't responsible for those !

So , I understood that there were a hack.


I checked the ftp, and saw a plugin.php file in the images folder, that was malicious.

But this file seems to be here for a few months, before my upgarde of march.

So yes, I said my revive adserver was hacked, but the malicious file was not sent through this actual version, but through an old open x version. (i don't know exactly which open X version - cause I just deleted all the files. so can't tell you what issue it was related)

No problem with actual version which I guess, is completely safe.


Why do I want to contact Google ? just to say them , that the xxxxxx Google account number, owns to hackers , and they hack websites to publish their ads !

Do you know if it's usual way for hackers to do that (i was astonished, cause I got to say... it's bad, but very "clever" to publish your own google ads, to be able to make money with the hacked website's  frequentation)


Hope I was a little bit clearer ;-)

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