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Update From 3.0.5 To 3.0.6 Just Upload Files?

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This is my first time using Revive Adserver, when I installed version 3.0.5 almost a year ago.


I wish there would be an easiest way to update/upgrade Revive, because the current suggested method involves access to SSH to run commands and also the creation of a new database, as seen here:




But for the time being I wonder if when updating from 3.0.5 to 3.0.6 I just need to upload (and overwrite) the files from 3.0.6… or if I really need to run a full upgrade process, including the database thing.


Thank you.

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Thanks for your reply, Erik. :)


In regards to the upgrade process, it is suggested to move the banner image storage location:




and I would like to provide some feedback:


1. I wonder why such directions are not included in the installation process by default. If such steps make easy further upgrade process, I believe it should be done by default. But that's just my opinion.


2. On the last bit of that page, there is this statement:


"when you do a software upgrade in the future, you longer have to take care of copying the banner images to the new location"


I believe it makes sense if you mean "you no longer", but English is not my first language and I might be wrong. :)



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Alright, upgrade completed successfully. And we decided to install version 3.1.0 instead.


If you allow me some more feedback in regards to the article for upgrades:




3. The suggested command to dump the MySQL database will not work properly sometimes:


mysqldump -uUSER -pPASSWORD OLDDATABASE –skip-lock-tables > FILE.sql


For instance, in our case we had MySQL 5.1.73 and the command ended up with the error:


mysqldump: Couldn't find table: "–skip-lock-tables"


And an empty dump file. Using "skip-add-locks" instead of "–skip-lock-tables" did work. Or just skipping the "–skip-lock-tables" bit did work as well. Maybe you want to update your article including the best work around for situations like this.



4. The following statement will not work if PHP is installed as CGI on the web server:


"If your server is running on Linux or Unix, the permissions have to be set to ‘777’."


In fact, it could create more issues, like 5xx Server Error.



5. The following part did not work properly:


"After the database changes have been completed, the upgrade wizard will display the folder path of the ‘old’ copy of the ad server"


There was no path at all. The field was empty. And if you enter there the URL (for instance "www.example.com/adserver/") by mistake, you could be shown the following warning:


"One or more plugin files couln't be located, check the install.log file for more information"


It would be worth noting that you must enter the server path and not the URL, for instance:




(such path is standard on cPanel based servers)


Thanks again for taking into account my feedback. :)

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