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Restrictions For Zones


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Hi there, 


is it possible to use banner delivery restrictions on zones? In my case, I'd like to show certain zones only to users that are not logged in. Is that possible, and if so: how is it possible.


Moreover, I don't really understand the concept of the targeting groups. I can create one, but how can I link a targeting group to a zone or a banner?


Kindes regards, 


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No, a delivery limitation is a feature to help you determine the conditions for delivering a banner through a zone. It works on the banners, not on the zones. Think of zones as the vehicles that transport the banners.


These "targeting groups" you mention are not a feature we have. Do you perhaps mean "Targeting channels"? A Targeting channel is a kind of pre-made and saved set of delivery limitations you can easily apply to a banner so you don't have to define it each time. Plus, if you use a targeting channel on multiple banners, making a change to the delivery limitations of the channel automatically applies to all those banners.

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Well - what you could do is either:


1. Set up different zones for logged in/not logged in users, and use your CMS or other code to display the appropriate zone to logged in/not logged in users, and traffic banners to the zones accordingly; or

2. Pass in a targeting variable to your zone tag via the CMS or other code, indicating if the user is logged in or not, and use delivery limitations to target banners accordingly.

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