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Email/newslatter Not Working

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I have created  email/newslatter zone.
When i integrate this code with email, end user will see ad banner but clicking on that banner he will not redirected to ad link
Below is the invocation code for that particular email zone
Can you please help
Edited by Erik Geurts
changed URL to example.com
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Hi @brijeshguru99,

As you can see from the above code, this is straight HTML - a standard <a href> tag, wrapping an <img> tag.

So, I can only think of two reasons why it won't work:

1. The email client blocks this standard HTML feature. If so, there's nothing anyone can do about that.

2. The ck.php script isn't working for some reason.

Without seeing the actual link, I can't advise why the second might be the case. Try clicking on the real link to the ck.php script in your tag, and looking for any errors in the UI, or web server/PHP logs for clues.

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