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Memory Exausted When Running Maintenance


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Suddently, when executing maintenance in order to recalculate statistics, Im getting these errors (sometimes one, sometimes the other):



268435456 bytes exausted (trying to allocate 64 bytes) in lib/pear/Date.php on line 130




268435456 bytes exausted (trying to allocate 78 bytes) in lib/pear/Date/Calc.php on line 1267


The line number is almost always different. The only thing I made different was activating the ad video ads plugin. I dont know if the error is related with this.


What I understand from the error is that revive is trying to allocate more memory than it should. It desnt make any sense to use so much memory, specailly if we consider that I only have about 12 ads in my server!


Any ideas on this?


thank you

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