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Unable To Set Geotargeting


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I am trying to enable Geotargeting via Configuration -> Geotargetting settings but after I have selected Maxmind Geotargeting flat file, I am unable to save this setting (I do get a notification that the information has been saved though) .  After I click on the save button I am returned to the settings page with Geotargeting Module Type set to none .  I have checked by the delivery options and there is no geo targeting delivery options.  Any Ideas?


I have tried adding my absolute path as well but this is not updated either, even though a green box appears stating that I have indeed just updated the path?


I also have the following warning on all my configuration pages; " It is possible to edit all settings because the configuration file is not locked, but this could lead to security issues. If you want to secure your system, you need to lock the configuration file for this installation.".


******* I fixed this issue by performing a manual installation of the latest stable version.  My previous installation was done via cpanel. *******



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Hello everybody,

I am experiencing almost the same problem.

I have activated the plugin and I did set the locationfile.dat locations with absolute paths (/home/site/public_html/etc...).

All seem to be set OK but I see NO geo settings at the delivery options of the banner. So how can I set te GEO plugin to work?

Please some help needed.

Kind regards,


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