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Update To 3.1.0 Completes Error-Free, Stuck On Blank Install.php

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I updated from 3.0.5 to 3.1.0 successfully and without errors. Per instructions, I renamed the upgrade directory to "adserver" and the old to "adserver_old". When I try to access www.mysite.com/adserver I am redirected to install.php and the page is blank. I've upgraded to other versions of Revive without this problem ever occurring. Did something change in the upgrade process for 3.1?


Using MySQL 5.5.35 on Ubuntu 12.04.2


Thanks in advance.

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I'm installing a fresh copy (revive-adserver-3.1.0 - downloaded from revive-adserver.com) for the first time, and I am also getting a blank install.php . 


I'm running ...

Ubuntu 14.04.1

MySQL 5.5.38

PHP 5.5.9

Zend Engine v2.5.0


I'm installing using a sub-domain on a separate server.


sub.example.com/www/admin/install.php returns a blank screen.

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