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Can someone explain me or point me to documentation explaining each of the url parameters one can have in a revive adserver link. For instance:


zoneid: i know this


cb: random number


n: dont know!


blockcampaign: ?




Also, the zone invocation code for zones displays a script approach and a noscript approach. Can I use the nonscript approach without loosing feautures, or they are not equivalent?


thank you,






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BomTrix will donate time per week on dev/docs

Our company will dedicate some resources to get this done. First time digging into this myself I used to contribute to OpenX before the split… Let me know the process for building out this page. We strongly believe in giving back and plan to utilize the server functionality.

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Hi @BomTrix,

There are two ways you could help contribute. One would be to join up as a patron on our Patreon project. 

Or, the other way, if your plan is to write documentation, would be to add documentation/improvements to docs as comments on our docs site, and we will merge them in as time permits.


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