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Delivery Problems With My Ad Server

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Hi all,


I looked everywhere for a solution to my problem but I could not found anything.


Same Machine Test:

I've a webserver with flowplayer + ova, i've try it with another ad server vast file and it works.


I've installed revive ad server in the same webserver machine. All works perfectly.

apiAddress: "http://www.example.com/ads/www/delivery/fc.php" // Works!!

Two Machine Test (actual config):

i've made a snapshot of previous machine and create a new one from prev snapshot.

I've made a dns "A" directly to new machine IP.


Now i've:
www.example.com -> webserver machine with flowplayer

ads.example.com -> revive ad server machine



apiAddress: "http://ads.example.com/ads/www/delivery/fc.php" // Doesn't work
apiAddress: "http://adserver.burdadigital.cz/revive/www/delivery/fc.php" // Another user revive ad server Works!

The problem is NOT flowplayer with plugin.

The problem is relative to subdomain ads.example.com?

Help me to understand why doesn't work with different machines...


Thanks for answers and sorry for my english :)



Trying other test i've focused the problem: ads are delivered only on localmachine

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