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Customizing Automated Report Delivery?


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My sales person is frustrated with the automated reports that are only able to be set by number of days.


We have both Website and Newsletter advertising, Newsletter ads are a pain because they may run just for one week, or month, and sometimes even just 1 day a week which is a total pain in the ***, but I digress...


What I need to be able to do is set automatic reporting to be possibly the 1st of every month, or by Week Mon-Sun.


The current by day makes a mess of things because the days in a month are not equal obviously so every 30 days doesn't really work well, because it ends up losing days in a month so my January report is ok, but come October it will be partially Sept and most of Oct which is completely not what the customer wants to see.


Anyone run across this before? Any ideas that don't include me creating a plug in that I really don't have time for? I'd pay for a plug in, but can't devote weeks to building one.




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