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Showing Two Different Full Brand (U-Brand) Ads?


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Hello, can you please give me a help? I need to put two "full-brand" (U-brand) campaigns on my website. Full brand means, than this ads is created with three banner position around the web (2x skyscraper on the left/right + leaderboard TOP banner). These three banners together looks like a horseshoe around the web.
And I need, for a specific date, to have two campaign like this - one for one client, another for another client. But when I create two campaigns (every with 3 banners) and add them to specific zone - than there starts a mischmasch.
If one campaign with three banners ruining, everything is ok - there are two skyscrapers and one leaderboard position with client's ads. But when I add second campaign to these zones, than there is a problem.
For example: Leaderboard banner graphic is loaded from one campaign, and skyscrapers graphic is loaded from second campaign. But at one time (for page load I mean), I need to show only banners from one campaign, and for another page reload from second campaign. Can you please help me how can I set this in Revive AdServer?
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