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Mal/happjs-A Yandex.ru


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I've placed a zone Invocation JS code on a page, and at the next day my site was marked as an infected one in russian search system "yandex.ru" (the most popular in Russia) and "Yandex browser" (over 30 million of users).

They thinks, that I've placed a Mal/HappJS-A.
Their example:

document.write('<s'+'cript type="text/javascript"

I'm going to generate js on server to fix it, but another webmasters can get this trouble too.

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Hi @JRRTGimli,

It wasn't clear that this was what you meant from your original post, no.

However, thanks for letting us know - there's not much we can do, though. Revive Adserver's code needs to do this to work, and it's unfortunate that some sites might consider it malware - but they are wrong. Short of completely re-writing the way delivery works in Revive Adserver, there's not much we can do about it.

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