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 On installing I am getting loads of warnings, stricts and deprecated messages. I am not getting even to the first page of the installation wizard.


MESSAGE: Declaration of MDB2_Driver_Common::raiseError() should be compatible with & PEAR::raiseError($message = NULL, $code = NULL, $mode = NULL, $options = NULL, $userinfo = NULL, $error_class = NULL, $skipmsg = false)
TYPE: Strict
FILE: /var/customers/webs/user/example.com/revive-adserver-3.1.0/lib/pear/MDB2.php
LINE: 3378

3373	$result->free(); 
3374	return $all; 
3375	} 
3377	// }}} 

3378 } 

3380	// }}} 
3381	// {{{ class MDB2_Result 
3383	/**

MESSAGE: Redefining already defined constructor for class XML_Parser
TYPE: Strict
FILE: /var/customers/webs/user/example.com/revive-adserver-3.1.0/lib/pear/XML/Parser.php
LINE: 206

201	* @param string $mode how this parser object should work, "event" for 
202	* startelement/endelement-type events, "func" 
203	* to have it call functions named after elements 
204	* @param string $tgenc a valid target encoding 
205	*/ 


How can I get it installed?

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