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Message Sequencing For A Campaign


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Hi everyone,


I just want to hear some thoughts on this feature request, as I think most of it is implemented already but either I am doing something wrong or it needs a bit more work.


"Message sequencing" in a campaign refers to the posibility of having a sequence of ads shown in a certain order. Imagine a scenario were a campaign has 4 banners: A, B, C and D. I want to set up an order to these as follows:

  1. first request for this campaign, user gets banner A
  2. second request gets banner B
  3. third request gets banner C
  4. fourth request and after that gets banner D

As you can imagine there are a lot of questions and discussions around this as this can be applied per session (so every time the user visits the site the above happens) or across sessions -- so first visit can be today, second visit can be in a week in a new session and so on. Also, another (arguably better!) scenario is:

  1. user gets banner A until it is clicked
  2. then banner B until this gets clicked
  3. then banner C until this gets clicked
  4. then banner D from there on

And I guess one step after that would be to look at conversions too and apply the above.

While the more advanced click (or conversion based) I see it will require more work, I wanted to get thoughts on this.


Also, the initial scenario, based on banner views, I think it's possible already and I want to reveal how I thought of implementing it -- please can someone cast some eyes over this and tell me if this scenario is valid?

  1. For simplicity we will consider all of these below are targeted at one single zone on a site
  2. Set up a campaign (I) with 3 banners as above A,B and C.
  3. Set up a separate campaign (II) with only one banner : D
  4. Campaign II is set as "Remnant" while campaign I is set as "contract" therefore it will show before campaign II. To ensure that is the case, I also set weight of campaign II to 1 (one) and weight of campaign I to 100.
  5. Now set limitations for campaign II to just 3 views per session -- this means that after the campaign has delivered 3 impressions in the current user session it will be stopped -- and therefore the remnant campaign II (with only banner D) kicks in.
  6. Then inside campaign I I set the weights for banners as follows: banner A = 100, banner B=10, banner C=1.
  7. Also I limit each banner to showing once per session.

Based on the above, I expect the following behaviour:

  1. user arrives at site and opens a new session and requests a campaign for the zone
  2. campaign I is chosen to be delivered, and based on weights of banners banner A is selected
  3. then at next request in the same session, banner B in campaign I
  4. then banner C in campaign I
  5. At this point campaign I has exhausted the 3 views per session
  6. so next request we deliver campaign II and banner D
  7. and from there on it's always going to be banner D

Is the above scenario ok or is my understanding of the weights and limitations incorrect?


I look forward to comments and thoughts on this.



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Hi @liviutudor,

You could manage sequencing of display through a combination of delivery limitations (e.g. only show this banner once per hour), and zone chaining (i.e. start with the zone that has the banner to be shown first, and once that is done, and the limitations prevent it from showing again, then fall through to the next zone that has the banner to be shown second,. and once that is done, and the limitations prevent it from showing again, then fall through to the next zone that has the banner to be shown third, and so on).

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