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Using Revive Adserver With Appnexus


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I am running Revive Adserver with AppNexus ROS ad codes. I am using the html banner ad format on Revive Adserver, and the impressions are over 300k already for the site. But for that site on the AppNexus panel only 19k impressions? Weird right? Are the stats delayed by time between the code added on the site, for AppNexusto catchup with? Let me know your thoughts on this guys.


Does anybody know why this happens or has a solution?

Thank you

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Here, I have included the Appnexus panel stats vs. revive stats for Today 12/28/14. See for yourself. The Revive stats for the site  show the 600k impressions. As you can see it only says 6k impressions on Appnexus. As revive says, 600k+ in the other screen shot. Do you know Erik? Please look into this soon. Thank you





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I've been running AppNexus placement tags inside Revive Adserver for years, and even though there are sometimes very small discrepancies (less than 3%), it works remarkably well.


Have you made sure that the AppNexus report you're comparing with shows all impression types, including for example 'kept', 'default' and 'resold'?

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