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Wordpress Conflict With Just One Ad Of The Two In Rotation?


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Hey, recently I've set up a WordPress website and have set up Revive Adserver successfully alongside WordPress. The issue I'm having is that I have two banners that are causing a javascript conflict in the rotation, they are both Lexus ads, one being a strip ad and one being a block ad. Only those Lexus ads cause this javascript error when they load, if the page loads with a different ad. The site works fine (otherwise the plugin Redux Framework breaks and the images don't load). So my question is - what would the difference in these two banners be that one of them causes an error and the rest of them don't? Is it Flash Version? What could be the variable that does this?

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Hi @kylewetton,

Hard to say, but my immediate thought would be to find out if the banners break the Wordpress site when placed directly into Wordpress, rather than loading through Revive Adserver. That would help narrow things down to something Revive Adserver is doing, vs. the banners themselves being the source of the problem.

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