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Does Serving Adsense Via An Ad Server Result In A Lower Income Than Serving Adsense Banners Directly?


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This article (http://webgilde.com/en/google-dfp-compared-to-adsense/) suggests that a AdSense revenue drop can result from doing this. And one of the AdSense support docs says that placing an adsense tag directly on your site provides Google with the best "signal."  But this Revive Adserver faq article suggests that one may actually be able to increase AdSense revenue by serving the AdSense tag through Revive Adserver. My question: Does serving AdSense tags through Revive Adserver typically result in lower RPM than when one places the AdSense tags on one's site directly?

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That article, which I wrote, does not suggest that using an adserver will increase your AdSense revenue. The way to increase your ad revenue overall, is to find some paying advertisers with a higher rate than what your AdSense ads yield, so that the revenue of the whole increases. I have never experienced that serving AdSense ads via an ad server results in lower ad revenue of the AdSense tags themselves.

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right, that makes sense. but the issue i am needing to address is whether running adsense through revive (or other ad servers) can result in lower revenue from adsense. This article says

"The best method to use is the one that includes the tag directly on the page. Direct tagging provides Google with the cleanest, highest-quality signals from the ad request, and results in the highest quality targeting."

"Direct tagging is the easiest mechanism for ensuring that the ad request to Google contains the information needed to maximise revenue."


If adsense RPM drops by 20% merely because I am trafficking their tag through an ad server and my higher paying advertisers are only paying 10% more than adsense in terms of RPM, then i'm potentially losing money when monetizing using AdSense plus directly sold impressions.  so i just want to be sure a loss in rev as a result of an inferior signal when trafficking adsense tag through an ad server does not occur, or if it does occur, that is is not 10% or 20% or above.  


hopefully this helps to clarify. 

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