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Html5 Banners From Google Web Designer With Revive?


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I use an iframe to integrate Google Web Designer Banners in Revive an it works fine. I put the html file from GWD on my webserver and in Revive I have an html banner with an iframe, which uses the html file from my server as source. Everything works as expected, also on mobile devices.


In my first try I used the html code generated by GWD directly in Revive. That didn't work, because there were incompatibilites between the javascript libraries in my website and the javascript used in the GWD code.

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Hello and sorry for moving up an old topic, but my questions seem to be right on it. First of all, I am not a programmer, nor do I understand much about html, tags, etc. 

I'm a small publisher and recently one of my advertisers send me an html5 file containing some kind of flash banner. I was told that this technology supports mobike devices as my standart flash banners don't show on them. Anyway, to make things short, I need to run this html5 file through Revive as an html banner. 

The file can be seen here: http://www.mtb-bg.com/download/Velosiped Banner - 3 Brands - 2015 - Step 1.html
Can be downloaded here: http://www.mtb-bg.com/download/Velosiped Banner - 3 Brands - 2015 - Step 1.zip


After reading this topic, I tried to insert it via iframe tags like an html banner in Revive, using this code: 

<iframe src="http://www.mtb-bg.com/download/Velosiped Banner - 3 Brands - 2015 - Step 1.html"  width="728" height="90" frameborder="0">

With this attempt I found two problems: 


First. No banner is showing up in the Admin panel of Revive. The page looks like this way: 


Interestingly, when I checked the real site, the banner was showing and the link in it was working correctly, but here comes the second problem: clicks were not recorded from Revive. In the printscreen above you can see what are the settings for the banner - is there anything wrong? How can I count clicks of such banner?


Thanks in advance! 

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