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Modsecurity Errors


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I'm super happy I found revive as I was using openads for a really long time. A new server forced me to find a new solution and here I am. One thing I'm noticing though is I'm getting errors in appache log as follows:

[Mon Dec 01 20:55:56.639812 2014] [:error] [pid 32688:tid 140229656618752] [client] ModSecurity: Rule 2259b98 [id "2000149"][file "/usr/local/apache
/conf/modsec2.user.conf"][line "402"] - Execution error - PCRE limits exceeded (-8): (null). [hostname "www.huntingbc.ca"] [uri "/adver/www/delivery/lg.php"] [uni
que_id "VH1GXEg01kAAAH@w68IAAADR"]

Any suggestions on how to resolve? It seems as though the ad server is working correctly, just getting the error log filling up.


I found this in mod security:

 #PHP Injection Attack generic signature
SecRule REQUEST_URI "\.php\?(((LOCAL|INCLUDE|PEAR|SQUIZLIB)_PATH|action|content|dir|name|menu|pm_path|pagina|path|pathtoroot|cat|include_location|gorumDir|root|page|site|topside|pun_root|open|seite)=(http|https|ftp)\:/|.*(cmd|command)=(cd|\;|perl |killall |python |rpm |yum |apt-get |emerge |lynx |links |mkdir |elinks |cmd|pwd|wget |lwp-(download|request|mirror|rget) |id|uname |cvs |svn |(s|r)(cp|sh) |net(stat|cat)|rexec |smbclient |t?ftp |ncftp |curl |telnet |gcc |cc |g\+\+ |whoami|\./|killall |rm \-[a-z|A-Z]))" "id:2000149" 
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