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Sending Mail Reports To The Website/publisher?


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Hi all,


I wanted to ask how do you send email reports to the publishers listed under 'websites'?. I have been enjoying navigating around the system and now I have hit this issue I am totally stumped, I cannot figure out how to get reports mailed to the websites as well as the advertisers (which works fine). I am currently copy and pasting from the advertiser report and sending the data to my websites manually! Surely there must be a way to send reports to websites about their stats and income, no doubt I am being stupid but if someone could enlighten me I would be extremely gratefull.


Thank you for your continued support.


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Hi again,


 have read quite a bit and searced forums and google to find out how to send reports to websites but I can find no information on it at all, does anyone have the ability to send reports to website/publishers on there installation or is this not a feature of Revive?


Many thanks,


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