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Possible Bug: All Banners Blocked By Cookie Oacblock

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Hello Revive community,

I have found a very weird behavior of Revive adserver 3.0.5. The Adserver works like a charme 99% of the time. But sometimes it happens that no ads are displayed anymore. I could track the issue down to a certain cookie OACBLOCK which is normally only set in combination with a certain campaign ID. But in this rare case the cookie is set without any ID. See the following screenshot of the current cookies in Firefox:




If this cookie isset, not a single resource can be loaded from the Adserver. See the following screenshot taken from Firebug. It seems the appearance of this cookie triggers a server error.



The error only disappears if the cookie is deleted or the browser is restarted (seems to be a cookie only valid for the current session). Should a file a bug report or does anybody have an explanation for this. The error is relatively rare. I would say once per 1000 page loads but all adds are blocked afterwards which makes the bug a pretty serious one.



Thanks for your help


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We've had a similar problem with Revive 3.1.0.


The problem was between nginx and php-fpm. Size of all combined cookies (and thus the whole request) was too large for the buffer between nginx and php-fpm.


nginx logged this error: 
[error] 2264#0: *67969910 upstream sent too big header while reading response header from upstream, client: [redacted], server: [redacted], request: "GET /www/delivery/spcjs.php HTTP/1.1", upstream: "fastcgi://", host: "[redacted]", referrer: "[redacted]"


This stack overflow question was of help:


And this guide too:


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Yes. The error is caused by the fact that the Cookie header is too long. In this case, OXLIA is getting too big: it is a cookie used for conversion tracking. Add that to the other cookies for frequency capping/blocking and you can easily get this overflow situation. Please try to reduce the number of campaigns with capping and/or conversion tracking.

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