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Multiple Zones On The Same Website


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Hi Revive community!


So I got one website where the webmaster wants to display banners (for different products, companys and stuff) in 6 different zones. Just one banner at the time in one zone - no need for rotating banners.


I managed to got it working with the following configuration:

  • 6 advertisers
  • 6 campaigns (1 per advertiser)
  • 6 zones (each linked to 1 campaign)
  • 6 banners (each automatically linked to 1 campaign)

Now I'm asking if that's the best way to reach my goal, as it seems quite complicated.


And I think this will get a little bit messy with the statistics. For example when Company #1 has her advertisement placed in zone 1 for two weeks. And after that Company #2 wants their advertisement in zone 1 for three weeks. If I just change the banner, I think I have no way to know which views/clicks are from which Company's banner, right?!


How would you do this?



Thank you very much for your help and your time! Really appreciate it.


Greetings from Switzerland


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Hi Kevin,


The options are available in the Revive Adserver.Inventory-> website (select the site) -> Invocations code tab. Here, you can choose the options in the tag settings.


(1. Don't show the banner again on the same page 2. Don't show a banner from the same campaign again on the same pag)

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