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Advanced Configuration (Return To Revive From Rtb Network)


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Here we have a configuration similar to this:


[Revive] -> RTB network 1 -> RTB network 2 -> Google AdSense


Note: RTB networks allow you to configure a "pass-back" tag, which will direct the user to the next network down the line if there is no ad to be displayed there.


I wanted, after the second RTB network, to come back to Revive so I could rotate/configure banners. Something like:


[Revive] -> RTB network 2 -> RTB network 2 -> [Revive, rotating banner a, banner b, banner c, etc.]


So my question really is how to generate a tag to configure on RTB network 2 that would direct that network back to Revive, so I can have full control over that tag, i.e. what is displayed after RTB network 2.


Thanks in advance,


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Zones are one possible solution here.


Zone 1: This goes to exchange 100% of the time

Zone 2: This is configured to rotate ads as you mentioned in your post 


Tags can be generated in the normal fashion; just make sure to select the correct zone when doing so.


We then submitted the tag that points at Zone 2 to our exchange partners.

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Thanks! I solved this problem last week... I was not aware that we could generate a tag for a specific zone. That is exactly what I did: I created a zone that was not posted on my website, put the banners there, and generated the tag for this zone and used it at the end of the RTB stack. It is working like a charm. Thank you very much.

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