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No Conf.php File In Var Directory


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I have run the installation repeatedly and it seems to succeed.  I am able to create advertisers, and campaigns.  However in the final step of locking down my installation I do not find the www.yourname.com.conf.php file that is supposed to be in the /var directory.


What happens is that the installation keeps reverting to the base setup screen after the current session expires.  


I am installing my instance on a Heroku.com cloud server.  The deployment is done via Git: "git push heroku master".


I did have to create several dummy files to force the inclusion of some empty directories that were in the source tree that I downloaded from this site.  Does anyone know of any other issues with a git-based deployment, and more specifically, what is the problem with the conf.php file?

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Before running the installation make sure that your /var folder has the correct permission (755 while in suPHP and 777 while in DSO). After installation is completed, change the permission back to default. Also make sure that you have the correct ownership and group permission assigned to the /var directory.

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