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Problem With Free Plugin Openxdeliverylogcountry


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Hi !


We have "OpenX Delivery Log Country Plugin" being installed at our adv server ( Revive Adserver v3.0.5 ).
And we noted There is no any records into database from this plugin. 
The point is that we have distributed system of loading between two our servers
the first for User Interface (where admin area and load/install all plugins)
the second for delivery purposes.

Synchronization is being done every 5 mins between servers.
I heard that There is some problem with working of this plugin at distributed system with 2 servers

Let me know please is There any additional settings for making it to work at distributed system like we have



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I am also facing an issue with this plugin. It does not present any data at all and at the very beggining I was wondering if it's working only for the US...

I checked the status of the plugin and no errors were found.


Does any1 has an idea why it might not work as intended?



Thanks in advance,


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