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Need To Perform Actions Twice Sometimes (Banner Uploads, Login)


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I've recently migrated my Revive Adserver 3.0.4 to a Ubuntu 14.04 LAMP with suPHP. I was previously on a Debian 6 LAMP with suPHP.


I have noticed that I would sometimes have to add a banner twice for it to upload. After the first attempt, it would stay on the "add new banner" page, I would have to reselect my file and it would work on the second attempt.


Also after deleting, navigating to another section and returning to Banners, the deleted banner would appear in my list again. Refreshing the page corrected the issue though.


Logging in would also require me to do so twice, the 1st time it would say cookies need to be enabled.


Any ideas what could be happening here? I have upgraded to 3.0.5 now as well.


If any further information is needed, please let me know.




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Looks like an issue with caching on your server possibly. Do you have anything related with caching installed on your server such as Memcache, APC, Nginx, etc...?

Also I highly advise running Revive in CentOS with Apache/Nginx. You should not be using suPHP for Revive as this will cause a major performance degerdation. suPHP may be more secure, but so long as you are not using 777 permissions there is no need to use suPHP, as the performance hit pretty big.

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